What is Quickagram
Quickagram is just a test, something i built to try and see Instagram's api (and because i just love that little, wonderful app);
Quickagram doesn't want to be popular nor the best tool out there to implement Instagram's apis.
It is my personal contribution to something i like and appreciate.

Why i built it
I built it for a simple reason: Love
  • love for programming
  • love for experimenting new things and learning
  • and finally love for a little iphone app that will change a lot of things.

  • Asp Net MVC 3.0
  • Custom built Instagram API wrapper
  • JQuery
  • Blueprint CSS Framework
  • Google Maps Api
  • CSS3 + Html 5

If you are interested i published on Github the source of my Instagram API Wrapper, custom built with C#/.Net, that you can reuse and share.
Github Repo

My name is Diego, i am a software developer, working with software and web since 1999 (12 years !!) and still in love with it.

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Small disclaimer
All the images reproduced on this site are owned by their respective authors (the instagram user who shoot it) and are availlable courtesy of Instagram. All the images are intended for general use and in no way the webmaster or owner of this site could be held responsible for their content.